Senin, 11 Desember 2017

My school activities

Hi good afternoon! 
now I want to tell you about what I do while in school. first we go to class at 06.30 am and we must already in class, before learning activity begins we are obliged to recite al-quran after that we learn the first lesson until break time arrived, at 09.30 at rest there is buy food and there also who went to the mosque for prayer dhuha. sometimes if there will be an event there are students who sell to find funds. rest is only given approximately 30 minutes but if Friday is only given 20 minutes. after the break is over we will continue the lesson till 12:15 we break for lunch and pray dzuhur after that usually there yabg come home at 1.30 and some come home at 3 pm. but if Friday comes home at 2 o'clock because there are sports activities after jumatan. In   class not only learn but we also play if the teacher gives games. if the teacher does not come in we are given the task so that there is no void hours of study.sometimes after school there are extracurricular events at their schedules. if I choose to join angklung and theater.

Thatnis mu school activity. and how bout u?

Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

aina's holiday

yustin : a long holiday is coming!where you will go?
aina    : i want to go to Chris Evans'home
yustin : where is it?
aina    : chris evans's home in los angeles in USA
yustin : what will you do there?
aina    : i just want to visit my old friends
yustin : waw! are you serious?
aina    : ya! we are old friends
yustin : thats cool
aina    : yeah , have you made an appointment with him?
yustin : have you made an appointment with him?
aina    : no , i haven't i just want to give a little suprise for him
yustin : waw youre so sweet
aina    : hahaha
yustin : with whom you will go?
aina    : im alone
yustin : wow youre very brave!
aina    : not really
yustin : What will you do when you are there?
aina    : I think i will go to some places with him
yustin : Places? Woah? What are those places?
aina    : I think i'll visit some of his family member. and maybe i'll go to his favourite places like       disneyland.
yustin : wow! and after that? are you guys going to have a date? like the official one
aina    : i don't know. It's up to him. I think i love him but i don't know his feeling
yustin : ah, i think he'll going to love you back. you're a good girl
aina    : Aw, thanks
yustin : can you buy me some souvenir?
aina    : of course what do you want?
yustin : up to you thaks so much!!!!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

my mom


i want to say so much tanks to my mom
i want to tell you a story from my experience

someday when i had big fight with my sister , the times theres nothing people that make me feel better , when my sister is very cornered me , currently no parents in my home just me, my sister , and my 2 cousin, when theres noting make me feel better , when theres not in my side cause my cousin just silent , when i need people that can listening my problem , i just feeling lonely.

theres a time that i hate my sister sooo much , i feel i just want to live alone . i need my mom so much , cause my father is go to work to padang ,and my mom is go to her friend's home . but i need her so much . it was eight o'clock night. the problem is when my father need a airplane ticket to back to bandung and he tell my sister to search it in traveloka and while my sister search for it and she tell me to call my father but i haven't any pulse. but she iwas forced and when my father calling my sister , she tell my father that i didnt help hers but  the actual i've try to misscall my father and i dunno what i have to do again when the telephone in my home is broken . and my causin is haven't any pulse too but my sister just tell my father that i didnt help anything i just palying games and social media but the actual i was misscall my father in front of  her! iwa so angry there but i cant angry and i just criying . i need my mom so much , i nee the people that belive me belive my story belive what the reality and i tring to misscall my mom and finnaly my mom is calling me. and i just say "where are you?" and "when you'll back to home?" and my mom realize that my voice like sadly and she ask me "what happen to you?" and ijust crying and say "quick go home" and i end the call.

and my mom is coming i tell the reality and my mom is soothing me and she belived me and she  schold my sister. she always there when i need something. thanks so much!

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

New Classmate

**the bell is ringing**

Lintang : hi! good morning
Yustin   : hello good morning
Lintang : whats your name?
Yustin   : my name yustin and you?
Lintang : im lintang im 14 years old. how old are you ?
Yustin   : im 15 years old . where are you came from?
Lintang : im from 50 junior high school
Yustin   : where is that ?
Lintang : 50 junior high scool is in ujung berung
Yustin   :  owh ..
Lintang : and where are you came from?
Yustin   : im from assyifa boarding school in subang
Lintang : owh. nice to meet you
Yustin   : nice to meet you too

*break time*

Lintang : yustin!!
Yustin   : whats wrong?
Lintang :its break time ,do you want to the canteen with me?
Yustin   : sure , lets go!!

**in the canteen **
Yustin  :what do you want to order?
Lintang : i think french fries and ice tea
Yustin   : oke wait a minute i tell you order
Lintang : ok!what is your order?
Yustin   : i want batagor and mango juice
Lintang : here!waiting for an order while sitting here!
Yustin    : ok
Lintang : btw , whats your hobby?
Yustin   :my hobbies? all activities i do is my hobbies
Lintang : wow nice
Yustin   : and whats your hobby ?
Lintang : my hobbies are many. i like to listening music , singing , eating , playing , sleeping, and i              like taekwondo
Yustin  : hmm after this can you take me to library?
Lintang : sure
Yustin   :lets take the order
Lintang : ok

*a few minutes later*

Yustin   : lets go to library
Lintang : lets go

*the bell is ringing*

Yustin  : the bell is rang! ill go to library later.lets go to the class
Lintang : ok

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

It's Me


Let me introduce my self , my name is Yustin Maulida Malik but you can call me yustin.
Im a student in  SMAN 3 bandung . Now, im 15 years old. Iwas born in bandung on 14 june 2002.
Now i live in villa bandung indah in cileunyi. My hobby is chating, playing and watching film.
I like justin bieber so much and i hope sometimes i can will meet him. 

I have an older sister and a younger brother. My sister's  name is Anisa Melinda Malik she's a student in SMAN 3 bandung too and she is 12 grader.Sometimes she'll be a annoying girl and a kind girl. She loves cat so much and my a younger brother , he is Akmal Hendrian Malik he is a skinny boy , i think because he doesn't like to eat . He is a student in SMPIT Assyifa Boardng School subang and he is 8 grader but he doesn't look like 8 grader because he is so small.

And my father ,his name is Adnan Malik he was born in padang and he is a good father .Now, my mother, her name is Heni Yulianti  she was born in bandung on 31 july,so today is her birthday and my sister and i will surprise her

 Im a graduate from SMPIT  Assyifa boarding school. ya,im from boarding school . somebody says that boarding shool is boring but you have to feel it.its so amazing experience. you can find a real friend ,everyday you meet them .i have so much friend that know me more than my parents may be because i meet them every day. i can be my self i can learn many things . i miss my friend so much.