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a virus has swept the nation and has potential to trigger a human pandemic

Who is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a famous singer from Canada. his full name is justin drew bieber, the first child of jeremy bieber and pattie mallate. he was born in ontario, Canada on March 1, 1994, he is now around 24 years old, his zodiac pisces.Justin Bieber has said he’s 5-foot-9-inches tall. However based on photographs of the star next to other celebrities, there has been speculation that he measures in at 5-foot-7-inches. he started playing music from 2008 until now. now he already has 4 albums and many singles that he has released. justin bieber had previously been a street singer and her mother often uploaded her singing videos to youtube and a musician called scooter braun interested in her musical talent.

He released his first album in november 2009 that is my world. Bieber’s debut album, My World, hit stores in November 2009, selling more than 137,000 copies within a week. . after that came out the album believe, journals, mistletoe and purpose,in 2014 he was 17 years old, he went t…

Sumatran Tiger

Now I want to tell you about the animals I like the most. It is sumatran tiger. i know that most people think if tiger is wild but when i see nat geo wild channel theyre so kind with their employer. its sad if sumatran tiger extinct :( . for your information female sumtera tigers in the wild only 30 tails because its habitat is drawn for oil palm plantations. i hope humans realize to love each other. this is details of sumatran tiger.

The Sumatran tiger (Latin: Panthera tigris sumatrae) is a tiger subspecies whose original habitat on the island of Sumatra, is one of six tiger subspecies that survive to date and is included in the critically endangered criterion of critically endangered species in the species red list threatened by the IUCN World Conservation Agency. The wild population is estimated between 400-500 tails, mainly living in national parks in Sumatra. Recent genetic testing has revealed unique genetic markers, indicating that this subspecies may develop into separate spe…

my holiday

New Years Eve there was nothing special for me and my family. just an ordinary vacation, I didn’t  go to school and my parents didn’t  go to the office. the plan we will go to jogjakarta but always there is a hitch. so we decided to stay in bandung. coincidence there is my family from jogja stay in bandung, they are on vacation to bandung because they think jogja is boring. they stay for 4 days after that return to jogjakarta.

after they went home to jogja, we decided to go to ciwidey to be exact glamping tent. we didn’t  stay there because my mother thought there was too cold, so we just looked at the beautiful scenery. there is a big ship in the middle of tea plantations, the contents of the ship is just a restaurant but it is a great place to take pictures.

on New Year's Eve we went to 23 paskal due to many discounts, unfortunately we came too late so the mall was closed, its so sad :((( .

Okay,may be thats all of my boring holiday. See u in the next holiday!!!!

My school activities

Hi good afternoon! 
now I want to tell you about what I do while in school. first we go to class at 06.30 am and we must already in class, before learning activity begins we are obliged to recite al-quran after that we learn the first lesson until break time arrived, at 09.30 at rest there is buy food and there also who went to the mosque for prayer dhuha. sometimes if there will be an event there are students who sell to find funds. rest is only given approximately 30 minutes but if Friday is only given 20 minutes. after the break is over we will continue the lesson till 12:15 we break for lunch and pray dzuhur after that usually there yabg come home at 1.30 and some come home at 3 pm. but if Friday comes home at 2 o'clock because there are sports activities after jumatan. In   class not only learn but we also play if the teacher gives games. if the teacher does not come in we are given the task so that there is no void hours of study.sometimes after school there are extracurricul…